The QS-Box is a compact, extremely versatile reference measuring system. It processes analogue as well as digital measuring signals. All established measuring sensors can
be connected with corresponding plug-in modules.
The channel DSM-Digital offers you all the options of a modern, digital measuring system with the QS-Box.

  • Reference measuring system for monitoring and calibration
  • Aluminium tube case, impact resistant plastic cover
  • Slot for DSM measuring modules
  • Measurements possible in online and offline mode
  • Recording of measurements with graphics monitoring
  • Data storage in online mode via QS-Center-Software
  • Data storage in offline mode directly on the CF card
  • 4 LED Status indication
  • USB interface for connection to a PC
  • RS232 interface


  • Plug-in power supply AC 230V / 50 Hz | DC 24V / 1 A
  • Bracket for assembly to wall or table
  • Ethernet TCP/IP module for network connection
  • QS center software
  • QS plug-in modules
  • SCI module
  • Digital torque transducers and force sensors

Product data sheet QS-Box (PDF, 540KB)

QS center software


The QS center software is a part of the digital measuring system for the online-measurement. The software offers the following features:

  • Adjustable physical measured size
    y: torque [Nm / Ncm / ftlb], force [kN / N]
    x: angle (Grad), length (stroke) [mm]
  • Administration, parameterisation of the measurement processes
  • Allocation of the test tool to the measuring process
  • Storage of the tool description and of the sensor description
  • Possibility of parameterisation of the measuring process for off-line operation and storage of the process on CF card
  • Presentation of graphic curves and results with taper
  • Online graphic mode, graph display during the measurement process
  • Set of curves for analysing the stray area
  • Statistical evaluation, statistical values, histogram functions
  • Create calibration certificate subject to the statistical analysis
  • Test functions

Product data sheet QS-Box (PDF, 540KB)

QS plug-in module


The flexibility of the QS-Box enables the use of changeable slide-in modules for analog and digital measuring signals.
Every sensor type is compatible with the QS-Box with an adequate measuring module.

  • Plug-in modules for analogue and digital
    measuring signals: DSM digital, ±1 mv/V, ±2 mV/V,
    4-20 mA, ±5 V, ±10 V, ±15 V
  • Synchronisation input for angle of rotation and length/stroke control
  • 2 LED status indication
  • Sensor interface, SYNC interface

The QS-Box unfolds its complete potential with DSM digital:

  • Insensible signal transfer
  • Direct status report at the measuring sensor
  • Automatic recording of the sensor data’s
  • Automatic adjustment of the measuring parameters

Product data sheet QS-Box (PDF, 540KB)

SCI module


SCI (=Sensor Converter Intelligent) converts the analogue signals of a measuring sensor into digital signals.
This permits digital signal transmission not sensitive to interferences. The SCI module is permanently connected with the sensor since the data of the sensor is saved in the integrated parameter module. The connection to the QS-Box takes place via the QS plug-in module DSM digital.

  • Internal analogue / digital converter
  • Status reports via illuminated ring
  • SCI-compatible sensor types: 1 mV/V, 2 mV/V, DMS 300 Ohm, DMS 1000 Ohm, active sensor 5 V output, active sensor 10 V output

We convert your analogue sensors:
Equiped with a SCI module, every existing transducer can be connected to the digital-interface of the QS-Box.
This allows you to use all advantages of the digital system

Product data sheet QS-Box (PDF, 540KB)


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