Built-in tightening technique


Built-in technique from DSM:

  • Digital built-in tightening technique
  • Nutrunners from 0,05 Nm up to 2400 Nm
  •  Integrated memory module enables error-free setup
  • Maintenance-free brushless servo motor
  • Clockwise / counterclockwise
  • Robust housing out of stainless steel and aluminium
  • Various motors and outputs

Built-in nutrunners DS series (PDF, 3.334KB)

Good products are the result of clean processes. A clean production is the top priority by an industrial manufacturing. Particularly tightenings shouldn´t be the source for product defects. If digital or analog built-in technology – DSM is a reliable base for a first-class quality. The perfect integration in new or existing production lines characterises all DSM products. The DSM experts for built-in technology support the projects of our customers starting from the planning, continued by the putting into service and of course also beyond that.


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