IO Extension is used to expand the standard inputs and
outputs of the DSM control systems.
The device is selected via the DSM systembus interface. The inputs and outputs can be used for any control tasks in the sequence programming.

Up to 16 extension modules can be connected at a control system.


  • Stable aluminium housing with fastening holes
  • Status display of the inputs and outputs
  • Function check DSM system bus
  • Reset key
  • Systembus interface input / output
  • Connection to the I/O level via terminal strip or circular plug-in connector


  • IO-Extension 4/4S: 4 inputs, 4 outputs;
  • I/O connection via terminal strip
  • IO-Extension 4/4C: 4 inputs, 4 outputs;
  • I/O connection via circular plug-in connector
  • IO-Extension 8/8S: 8 inputs, 8 outputs;
  • I/O connection via terminal strip
  • IO-Extension 8/8C: 8 inputs, 8 outputs;
  • I/O connection via circular plug-in connector

Product data sheet IO-Extension (PDF, 227KB)



ToolControl is the intelligent socket box: If a tool is taken out, it automatically calls up the correct tightening program.
Activated from the tightening control system, ToolControl shows the operator the tool that is rquired for the current assembly process.


  • Intelligent program pre-selection depending on tool
    and / or monitoring of the program sequence /
    tightening sequence
  • Automatically identification and classification of other socket boxes
  • Available with two, four or eight tool inserts
  • Cascatable up to max. 32 tools
  • Connection to the control unit by a systembus cable
  • Optional interfaces: Profibus, Ethernet for the integration in a PLC
  • Stable aluminium pressure die housing with mounting plate
  • Customised tool inserts (made of synthetic material)


  • TC8: for 8 tools up to max. 25 mm outside diameter
  • TC4: for 4 tools up to max. 40 mm outside diameter
  • TC2: for 2 tools up to max. 72 mm outside diameter

Product data sheet ToolControl (PDF, 300KB)

Flyer ToolControl (PDF, 342KB)


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